WVP International Helps in Migrating Through Canada Express Entry Program

Canada is a country which is full of high opportunities and everyone thinks of visiting there once in their lifetime. They basically want to explore or migrate for the high standard of living or better future. To step out of the native country it’s very important to have a consultant from WVP International. This agency has a big name in the field of immigration. Canada is ranked amongst top 20 economies in the world. Canada is a golden opportunity for people who have a high standard of living. WVP International consultants can help you in understanding the immigration procedure thoroughly. They assist you in each and every step. So, if you want to settle in Canada on a permanent basis then take help of WVP International agents.

How does the Express Entry program work?

Canada Express Entry is the opportunity that allows the aspirants to create the account free of cost which can be used for one year. The important aspects of Canada Express Entry Program are as follows:

The candidates who are picked under the Canada Express Entry System are given the status of permanent resident. They are not required to contend against the occupational limitations of the system without FCFS(First Come First Serve) basis of evaluation and predetermined deadlines. This rule is widely followed by WVP International agency.

This program also includes several schemes provided below:

  • All the former federal skills migration initiatives.
  • FSW: Federal Skilled Worker Scheme.
  • FSTP: Federal Skilled Traded Program.
  • CEC: Canada Experience Class.
  • Some parts of provincial nomination scheme.

Before creating the profile WVP International makes sure that the candidates must do a preliminary process i.e. they must get their educational achievements evaluated and must write an approved language proficiency test as evidence of their linguistic skills either in English or French.
CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) helps in assessing candidate profiles for the eligibility. The applicant’s profile will be evaluated on the basis of the predominant area like:

  • Age
  • Linguistic skills
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Professional Exposure
  • Other deemed vital profile traits that can evidence the ability of new entrants in settling in the Canadian environment.

After assessing the profiles the CRS( Comprehensive Ranking System) ranks the applicants on the basis of marks obtained. There are some special auxiliary points that are gained by the candidates under the reserved state policies and full-time regular employment offer letter from a Canadian Employer.

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