How People Can Identify Genuine Immigration Agency

Immigrating to a new country is always a challenging job for everyone. They have to adjust to a new place, weather conditions, socio-economic demography, and many other things. They have to mentally prepare for the change. This job of the immigrants gets tougher due to the fraud immigration agencies. As the visa application is a matter of huge investment, many people exploit the applicants due to their lack of information regarding the process.

WVP International is a genuine company that is helping the aspirants to get their visa approval for Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. If you check the WVP International Complaints board, then you will find that there is no negative review about then company.

The dedication and hard work they have shown to the customers have paid to them in the form of success. However, not everyone is so fortunate to land to a genuine company like WVP International and have many bad experiences.

If you want to know that secret to identify the genuine and good immigration agency like WVP International, then check out the following points.

  • The first criterion one company must have to serve as the immigration consultancy is the registration with the respective nation’s immigration department. Without registration, no company is capable to do the job officially. So, the best way to know whether a consultancy is genuine or not, you have to check the registration number. You can cross-check it online to find out the authenticity.
  • You can check the review and complaint section to know how they have treated their previous employees. For example, if you check the WVP International Quora Section, you will get to know the company is authentic. There is rarely any bad feedback about the company as most of the customers are satisfied with their service.
  • Experience is a vital thing to decide the capability of the consultancy. Most of the genuine consultancies are in the business for many years. If you find the agency is new and novice and they don’t have much experience with the immigration process, then it is better to avoid then.
  • If they have a setup, before making any commitment, you can go visit the office. You will have an idea about the standard of transparency they maintain. You can also have a discussion with the concerned person about the level of security and clarity they maintain in their business.


  • One of my friend recommended WVP International International visa and immigration expert to me for Australia PR and I was pretty sure I will continue with them after my first discussion with Mansi. I would like to take this opportunity to thank WVP International Team in particular for taking care of my application process from the beginning. At each step I was well-guided and got crucial support in gathering key documents. They make sure that the best possible service is given to their clients. Without wasting any time the team assured that all the important tasks are done with in time.
    I look forward to similar guidance and support in my PR journey and writing more such positive reviews and experiences for the team. Kudos to you guys!!

  • Rupender Singh

    WVP International is good and genuine consultant in Delhi for Canada and Australia immigration. They offer the best in immigration and visa services that you can find anywhere in India. The best thing about them is that they respect your time and money. This is very rare nowadays in big competition between different visa consultants. WVP International people do know a lot about Canada immigration! They know Canada PR routes inside out! From the very beginning, they have let me decide what services I would like. They are not pushy like the other companies that I have been to. WVP will always suggest, never push for sales or anything. They will tell you all the available options for you. Then they will let you take the time and decide for yourself. My recommendation to anyone reading this would be to try WVP International good counseling to know better. When you are sitting in their office, you can get some idea as to if they are worthy of your trust or not.

    My honest advice to you would be to explore the options available before you decide.

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